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First Dance


On the big day when you and your other half step onto the dance floor as a newly married couple for that all important ‘first dance’ everyone is going to be watching! So why not show your guests what you can do and let the exhibitionist in you out for the biggest day in your life!

Whether you are an experienced dancer or have never danced before, you might simply be a bit nervous or you would just like to feel more confident... then look no further 'Quickstep to Dance' can help!

‘Quickstep to Dance’ caters to everyone’s individual needs and we will do our best to make your first dance the greatest moment of your wedding night.

One of the most important things about your first dance is the music therefore we advise that you bring along with you to the first lesson a CD with the song or piece of music that you wish to do your first dance to and your teachers will advise you on what dance would be best suited. If you have not thought of any particular piece of music then you can choose from a selection of music that we have available.




Your first dance will be choreographed especially for you and your partner taking into account your wishes and will be designed according to the music chosen and your abilities. Do not worry, it is really easy for non-dancers to be taught how to move around to the music and you will be amazed at how quickly you pick it up. Your routine will not be too hard nor will it contain anything that you feel uncomfortable with, it will also be designed to take into account such things as the Bride’s dress and the size of the dance floor

All our packages for your first dance are designed with you in mind therefore whether you are a quick learner or need a little more time we will have the package for you. So do not delay, contact us today and get ready for that special first dance to remember.






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